On February 8th, 2010, an official comic portraying the events prior to Zombie Panic: Source drawn by Henital Gerpes was released. The comic has no dialogue, as that is left up to the reader to imagine. The comic focues on EugeneMarcusJessica, and Paul, with the setting in Town. The comic was created before the introduction of Lea and Vanessa to the game, hence their absence. 

It should be noted that Jessica appears in her original attire from the release of the game, as opposed to her current attire.

The ComicEdit

Zps comic01

Page 1

Zps comic02

Page 2

Zps comic03

Page 3

Zps comic04
Zps comic05

Page 5

Zps comic06

Page 6

Zps comic07

Page 7

Zps comic08

Page 8

Zps comic09

Page 9

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