2013-02-16 00027
Gender Female
Race Caucasian-Asian
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Occupation N/A
Health 100
Status N/A

Vanessa Isley is one of the survivors is Zombie Panic: Source.


It is unkown what Vanessa used to do prior to the outbreak, as there is nothing in particular about her character that hints towards any specific occupation. She wears a light green tank top, a leather choker, a dark blue, leather skirt, fishnets, sunglasses, pistol holster and black, high-heeled boots. Like most characters, she is sarcastic and brash, and seems to put the blame for things on the rest of the group, as evident by her saying "This is the worst ideas you guys have ever had; and you've had some pretty bad ones" among others.

Vanessa is likely between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-six.


  • Vanessa was the sixth and last survivor created for Zombie Panic: Source.
  • Vanessa was voiced by Kristina Mickel.
  • The paper bracelet on her wrist says "CLUB ZOMBO ADMIT ONE", a direct reference to the map Club Zombo.
  • Vanessa is one of the survivors to have a direct relation with a map, with Jessica's connection to Town, and Eugene's possible connection to Police Station.
  • Vanessa is the only survivor to have an officially confirmed last name. Her last name is Isley.
  • Marcus and Vanessa are the only characters who have pistol holsters on their person.
    • Club Zombo's rules state that weapons are prohibited from the club. This is interesting, considering Vanessa was in Club Zombo prior to the events of Zombie Panic: Source and has a holster on her side.
      • However, this could be a developer oversight, or she could have simply put the holster on after leaving the club, or possibly be some figure of authority.
  • Like Jessica; despite being a young female, Vansessa is as tall as the rest of the survivors.