Rifle Ammo
2013-02-17 00021
Type Ammunition
Use Replenishing ammo
Recovery Ammount {{{recovery amount}}}

Rifle ammo is an ammunition type featured in Zombie Panic: Source.


Rifle ammo appears semi-rarely in ZPS maps, appearing in yellow, rectangular boxes of 30 rounds each. Rifle ammo is usually most coveted for its use in automatic weapons, which sport a nice blend in firepower and range. The model sports the heading "Zombo Ammunition" as with all the other ammunition types in the game. Survivors can hold up to 142 rounds of rifle ammo.


  • The calibre of the ammo is assumed to be .307, although one type of round would not fit all of the rifles, the MP5 using a 9mm ammo, the M4 using 5.56mm rounds, and the AK-47 using 7.62mm rounds.
  • Weight of cartridge: 0.21

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