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  • Hi Spleepoppetween. I approved your request, so I'm here to help.

    How about this for a new logo?


    If you have any ideas for the main page, please share them with me. If not, something I would recommend is using a slider to showcase the 4 most important pages or categories. If you want to do that, choose an image that represents each page/category being featured and link me to it. Slider images should be 670x360, so be sure the images you provide are at least that big, and I'll take care of resizing them.

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    • I just finished making changes to more closely match that mockup you showed me. Besides redesigning the main page content, I added a custom font to the area highlighted in the mockup as well as headings. This method uses a Google web font called Quantico. If you'd rather use a different font, just browse here and give me the name of the new font that you choose.

      On the slider, if you want to display a secondary caption (where Survivors, Zombies, Guns and Maps are the primary captions), just add |linktext=blah to each line. So for example, to add a secondary caption to the Maps slide, it would look like this:

      File:Slider-maps.jpg|Maps|link=Maps|linktext=Know what to expect on each map

      For the background, I didn't make the image any bigger, as doing so would make it more pixelated and blurry. What I did was just add some space to the top of it and put a gradient on the sides that fades into a very dark red color.

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    • Oh it looks great!

      Thanks so much for the help! :D

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