2013-02-16 00036
Gender Male
Race African American
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Brown
Occupation Police Officer
Health 100
Status N/A

Marcus is one of the survivors in Zombie Panic: Source.


Marcus was a police officer before the outbreak. He has a bulky physique, clean-shaven face, bald head, and dons an all black, short-sleeved police officer uniform. Marcus may be viewed as a leader type character, as evident by his dialogue in the beginning of most maps, often telling the group what to do and be alert (more so than the other characters). He seems to be one of the more caring characters when he speaks softly, but does not hesitate to swear and yell obscenities towards the zombies when in combat. 

He is likely between the ages of thirty and fifty.


  • Marcus was the second survivor created for Zombie Panic: Source.
  • His name is Marcus, but the label on his uniform says "Lt. J. Smith"
  • Him and Eugene appear to either be work partners, or work together, judging by the Zombie Panic: Source official comic.
  • Marcus seems to have some understanding, or at least familiarity with zombies, as evident by his successful kill line "That's all you got?! Bitch, you a zombie, I thought you was tougher than that!"
  • Marcus was voiced by Kevin Lewis.
  • Marcus is the only character besides Vanessa to have a holster.
  • Marcus somewhat bares a resemblance the the character Kenneth from the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead.
  • The zombie version of Marcus often grunts like the living version of him while jumping. This is likely an oversight.


Marcus' dialogue can be found here.


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