Lawrence E. Conner is the name of the person on the Contagion Steam trading card called "Larry", so far he hasn't appeared in the game but he might have been an early version or spelling error of Lawrence S. Johnson or the shop owner in the Zombie Panic: Source Official Comic


After losing his old lady, Larry felt lost and confused. He'd loved his Katherine even more than his ride. When his biker crew decided to move narcotics for the Russians he was in no mood to argue. He dealt with his crew and rode off with 2 broken ribs and no purpose until he reached Roanoke and had a burger that changed his life. With the satchel of cash he had with him he decided he was done with the road and was ready to settle. Kathy always said he was a damn good cook and so he bought himself and old diner and as cook lived if not a happy life, one he could claim was good enough. Until of course the body burst through the front glass door... and got back up unfazed.

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