2013-02-25 00008
Type Bludgeoning
Damage 25 (3x head shot)
Range Short
Inventory Space 1
Swing Speed Fast

The Keyboard is a weapon which is found in Zombie Panic: SourceThe keyboard is depicted as a typical, black, gaming keyboard with white symbols on its keys. It deals low damage and swings fast with short range.


  • The keyboard was originally a rendered item/weapon from Counter-Strike: Source.
  • The keyboard was changed to be a sleak, black Monochrome keyboard, Monochrome is the company which created Zombie Panic: Source as well as its spiritual successor Contagion.
  • Striking a zombie with the keyboard will create a spam of characters in the game chat, as if one smacked a zombie with the keyboard while it was still connected to the computer.
  • The exact keyboard makes an appearance in Contagion, at several desks in the Roanoke Police Department. 

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