2013-02-16 00037
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue-Green
Occupation Waitress
Health 100
Status N/A

Jessica is a survivor featured in Zombie Panic: Source.


Jessica worked as a waitress at a restaurant called "Denny's Fried Foods" before the outbreak. She keeps her blond hair in a ponytail with unkempt bangs, wears a nose ring, white polo shirt, blue jeans, a black waist apron, and white sneakers. Like most survivors in the game she has a brash and sarcastic attitude, though not exactly to the extent of the others' as she seems to care more and be a little bit more playful (as evident in some of her dialogue lines).

She is likely between the ages of twenty and twenty-six.


  • Jessica was the third survivor created for Zombie Panic: Source.
  • Jessica is the only survivor to have undergone several changes with updates.
    • These changes include changing her shirt from a short-sleeved orange shirt to a long-sleeved white shirt, her sneakers from black to white, altering her face, hair, and voice, making her the most changed survivor since release.
  • The logo on her polo shirt says "Denny's Fried Foods" but according to the Zombie Panic: Source official comic, she worked at the restaurant in Town, presumably titled "Cord's Pub" judging by the sign before entering.
  • The zombie version of Jessica has shorter arms. This is because Jessica's arms were lengthened so she could properly hold the weapons the survivors use, though the counterpart was not modified accordingly.
  • Jessica's belt buckle appears black, but the zombified form of her has a gold-colored belt buckle.
  • The zombified version of Jessica has no collar on her polo shirt.
  • Despite being a young female, Jessica is as tall as the rest of the survivors.


Jessica's dialogue can be found here.