2013-03-19 00048
Map Creator Knights (Original) and Wazanator
Map Size Small
Recommended Players 8-16
Map Mode Objective

"You and your fellow survivors have found a scientist who claims to be able to make an antivirus, protect him while he works on it."
— Official description

See also: Haunted

Haunted is an objective-based version of the already existing map Haunted which was released with the 2012 Halloween update for Zombie Panic: Source.


Haunted (zpo_haunted in the game's files) shares the same name and layout as the original map of the same name, but the house has been barricaded from the inside to keep the zombies out as well as a generator supplying electric traps around the house with electricity. All windows and doors have been boarded up from the outside, and the undead must try to break into the house and eliminate the survivor team. The survivors' goal in this map is to protect the scientist until he produces the anti-virus, and then flee the house, escaping via the taxi on the other side of the canal.



  • Defend the scientist
  • Grab the anti-virus
  • Escape


  • Stop the survivors



See also: Basic Rules of Survival
  • Try to keep the generator running for as long as possible.
  • Keep as much of the house barricaded as possible with the hammers found throughout the house.
  • If you are in need of supplies, check the cabin across the canal, but be cautious, as leaving the house may leave it undefended, and if the electric barrier were to come on you may be stranded outside.
  • Svavenge the upstairs for supplies before retreating to the basement to defend the scientist.
  • In the upstairs bathroom there are plenty of painkillers for those who may need them. 
  • If the team has been attacked by the Carrier, try checking if any survivors are infected by striking them with a melee weapon, since having a survivor turn in the middle of combat in the house will create a dangerous situation.
  • Have an escape plan for when the anti-virus is retrieved, and keep track of which survivor is carrying it in case it is dropped or they are killed.


See also: Playing as the Undead
  • Avoid the electrified entrances at all costs.
  • Break open every entrance possible, as it will create more entrances, and it will distract the survivors with the task of barricading the now open entrances.
  • Attack the scientist whenever possible to stall the production of the anti-virus.
  • The survivors begin with a lot of supplies and weapons, so it may be best to try to sneak in undetected as opposed to attempting to barge in.
  • If the survivors do gain a hold of the anti-virus, try to ambush them when they are on their way to the taxi across the canal.


  • Like Harvest and Rural Panic, this map bears a resemblance to the film Night of the Living Dead, as survivors attempt to defend a house from zombies by barricading it, and ultimately retreat to the basement.
  • The scientist working on the anti-virus shares the appearance of Dr. Kleiner from Half-Life.
    • The scientist can actually die, resulting in the Survivors losing if he does.
  • The corpse under the blanket in the closet is the same one which appears in Corpsington.
  • A machete will always spawn impaled in the body under the blanket.
  • This is the only map with completely unique, map-exclusive items appearing on it which take up space in a player's inventory, with the items being the gas cans and the anti-virus.
  • So far, Haunted and Town are the only two maps to have multiple versions for gamemodes.