Hardcore Mode is a one of the four Game Modes in Zombie Panic: Source and was introduced in Version 1.6 of the mod. Hardcore mode can be played on any and all maps by entering into the console the command "sv_hardcore_alwayson 1" to enable it it and keep it enabled, or alternatively one could enter "sv_hardcore 1" to enable and "sv_hardcore 0" to disable as they please. 

Major changes in Hardcore:

  • The survivors goal is to stay alive for 5 minutes.
  • Increased infection: the Carrier Zombie's infection chance has been increased from 10% to 35%, resulting in a much greater likelihood of being infected as a human, even from just one scratch. Regular zombies now have a chance to infect the survivors as well.
  • The number of starting zombies has been increased significantly.
  • Survivors who succumb to infection become Carriers themselves.
  • Zombies' health regenerates faster.
  • Zombies take half the normal damage from firearms.


  • Interestingly enough, damage taken from melee weapons as a zombie is still the same as non-hardcore game modes.

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