Glock 18
2013-02-17 00003
Type Handgun
Ammunition Type Pistol Ammo
Damage 14 (3x head shot)
Capacity 17
Fire Rate User-Dependant
Reload time Fast
Inventory 1

The Glock 18C is a weapon featured in Zombie Panic: Source.


The Glock 18C can be given to player as a starter weapon or it can be taken from various places.


It's a good tactic to shoot very fast, so having a fast trigger finger will make this weapon much more effective. Although, it is important not waste too much ammo or you can be easily overthrown by even a small group of zombies.

Headshots are strongly advised, this is a good tactic because it will take far too many bullets to take down a foe if not aiming for the head.

Stock up on as much ammo as you can, if you don't you will probably find yourself running out of ammo very soon.

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