Zombie Panic: Source has four gamemodes. They all play similarly to the normal game, but each one has a different objective or goal, often requiring different strategies. Most maps are divided into three categories: zps maps, zpo maps, and zpa maps, each of which are exclusive to the gametype played on them. 

ZPS (Zombie Panic Survival )Edit

  • Survival Mode is the most basic of the game modes. It consists of the human team and the zombie team trying to eliminate each other.

​ZPO (Zombie Panic Objective )Edit

  • Objective mode essentially plays out the same as survival mode, the only difference being that the survivors must complete objectives as opposed to fending off the undead.

ZPH (Zombie Panic Hardcore )Edit

  • Hardcore mode can be played on any map from any game type as it is not restricted to any map with a specific prefix (zpo_[map] or zps_[map]). Hardcore mode creates a greater challenge for the survivors, as the zombies have been buffed significantly.

ZPA (Zombie Panic Apocalypse/Armageddon/Assault/Zebra Panda Alliance )Edit

  • ZPA is notably the most unique game mode in Zombie Panic: Source, as it is not based on the human team and the zombie team attempting to eliminate each other, but rather objectives for both teams.

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