Type Bludgeoning
Damage 25 (3x head shot)
Range Short
Inventory Space 1
Swing Speed Medium-Fast

The Crowbar is a weapon found in Zombie Panic: Source. It is depicted as a typical black, iron crowbar with a moderate swing speed, moderate damage, and short range.


  • The Light Crowbar is one of the only two weapons that have a weight of 0, the other one being the Plank.
  • The crowbar is the most common melee weapons that survivors will spawn with.
  • Due to the crowbar having very poor reach, it's advised to drop it in place for another melee as soon as possible.
  • In earlier versions (1.25b being the earliest and last before the OB update), the real crowbar had long reach in addition to low cooldown.
  • Three melee weapons use the Crowbar as a placeholder model, those are a Broom, a tennis racket (its textures still exist in the game files), and a Torque. They still use their own entity names.