• Barricade hammers on this game are the same on every map, that is, if the map you are on has these hammers. The barricading hammers are/can be easily spotted. They have a red handle/grip, the rest is the same as all the other hammers. You will know for sure if you have the right hammer or not when you pick it up and add it to your inventory. You will see what looks like two flat 2x4's instead of "melee weapon".

  • A single barricade hammer takes up 2/5 inventory slots. Up to 3 can be held in each slot.

  • Right Click to change the size of the barricade.

  • Press R to rotate the board.

  • You can pick up a board you have placed as long as it hasn't been damaged. Once it's taken damage, it is permanent until it gets broken.

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