2013-03-11 00005
Map Creator Oski
Map Size Small-Medium
Recommended Players 8-20
Map Mode Survival

"Location, an insane institute. Run through the dark passages of this asylum and try to stay alive."
— Official Description

Asylum is a Survival Map for Zombie Panic: Source.


Asylum (zps_asylum) is a small-medium survival map set inside of an old, isoalted, decaying asylum surrounded by woodland. The asylum is surrounded by a stone wall with an outer courtyard where the survivors spawn, while the zombies spawn in the depths of the building. The majority of action takes place inside of the building which is where the majority of the items are found every round.



  • Survive


  • Kill the survivors



See also: Basic Rules of Survival
  • Stick together, the inside of the asylum can bear some pretty tight close quarters combat and it is advised to have somebody watching your back.
  • Be wary of the basement. Zombies frequently spawn down in the basement of the asylum. However, the basement can quickly get you across the asylum, caution should be exercized.
  • A first aid kit and body armor spawn close to each other in the laundry room. Remember to seek the laundry room if you are injured or need protection.


See also: Playing as the Undead
  • Upon spawning, try to reach the front door of the asylum and deal as much damage as possible to unsuspecting survivors.
  • Use the cells in the main hall as cover when approaching survivors to stay out of site.


  • The map shares a very similar atmosphere to the map Silence, as both are decrepit asylums surrounded by woods in the night.
  • The asylum appears to be three stories tall, although the third floor is inaccessible in-game.
  • The map was donated to Zombie Panic: Source from the D.E.A.D. mod team.


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