Armory is a map that was created for testing purposes in Zombie Panic: Source. 


2013-02-13 00056

Armory (zpl_armory in the game's files) is an open, generic textured map that was created for testing purposes, as opposed to gameplay. Although interestingly enough the map is still played quite often on community servers. The map's lack of room and vast amount of weapons often call for frantic battles which often end very quickly, as either the survivors will dispatch all the zombies very quickly, or the players will be overrun by their fallen comrades and have nowhere to retreat to on this small map. 

On one side of the room there is a waist-high counter which spans the distance of most of the center room, with all of the games' firearms and healing/protective on the counter and melee weapons and ammunition behind it. On the other side of the main room there is a medium-sized, rectangular, deep pool. On the furthermost sides of the room there is a button which can be pressed, triggering a light, and a fire on the opposite end of the hall with a button which creates explosive barrels.

Although the map has a prefix of zpl_ as opposed to zps_ it is considered a survival map, as the zombie team will have a life counter when playing this map.


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