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Aquatica is an Objective Map featured in Zombie Panic: Source.


Aquatica (zpo_aquatica in game files) is an objective map that takes place in a government lab complex. This complex was researching a possible cure. However, contact with the entire station was lost 7 hours ago.

And now most of you get down there and investigate why the contact was lost and what they have researched. This map is full of ammo and have all the weapons (with exception of wooden baseball bats and golf clubs).


  1. Get down inside the facility
  2. Find the documents (and kill the zombie who happens to have gotten the documents first)
  3. Kill the zombie who has the keycard
  4. Go to security
  5. Move the barrels in the lab
  6. Arm the explosives
  7. Get the item
  8. Escape to the boat outside


  • On rare occasions, an event will trigger. Starter zombies can no longer access the lobby through the air duct located on the roof. Elevators strand shortly after usage and survivors will be prompted to jump back into the starting area, as the elevators only progress a few feet into Aquatica before stranding. The disembodied voice of a young girl addresses both undead and living as chaos ensues; fires start and the survivors are left to undergo the zombies' brutal onslaught.
  • Approximately 20% of the times if the objective "GET THE ITEM" is completed can cause negative events for both teams:
  • 1.The elevators never complete the reactivation
  • 2.The doors in the two lower ofices cant open
  • 3.For the zombies, the vents never work in the flooding.
  • The complex mame (Aquatica) may be a reference to "Deep Blue Sea" horror movie which involves sharks. The lab is also flooded closer to the end of the movie.



A good idea is is call all the elevators

Take all the ammo in the spawn

There are two sledgehammers and two Baseball bats

When you are in the Aquatica complex, watch out for campers


There are many places for camping, use this and ambush. It's confirmed that a zombie can kill two humans with this system.

Take the documents and run for cover. Example: Documents in cafeteria-I take the documents-Hide in park-Move for the assembly hall.

If all fails, use the vent in the spawn areas and get to the human spawn or the elevators and prepare to flank


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