2013-02-17 00009
Type Rifle
Ammunition Type Rifle Ammo
Damage 21 (3x head shot)
Capacity 30
Fire Rate 10 SPS
Reload time Medium
Inventory 2

The AK-47 is a weapon found in Zombie Panic Source.



The AK-47 is the most powerful of all the rifles in Zombie Panic: Source, dealing 21 points of damage per bullet (63 for a headshot). When using this weapon it's advised to save as much ammo as possible by firing short, controlled bursts at targets.  The biggest drawback to the AK is that it has the highest recoil, and it is not very accurate to begin with. After 5-8 fired shots, the wielder will find their crosshairs quite far from where they were originally intended to be. 


  • Statistically, the AK-47 has the highest weight of any weapon in the game so far.

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